HyperExchange Indicator Using Guide

Last updated for v1.0.7.

This guide assumes you have already set up a HyperExchange wallet by using HyperExchange Indicator Setup Guide.Here is a brief functionality introduction:Account/Contract/Advance/Contacts/Senator/Citizen.


After login asset page, you can view all assets of the Wallet accounts.

Account Tab

Create New Normal Account

Click "NEW" to create an account on asset page, enter your account name (it will check whether the registered account already existed on the blockchain).


Click "OK" to backup wallet data, select a safe path, and click "Backup".

backup Tab

backup Tab1

To be a registered account

If the user wants to mine, or to be senator or citizen, it must register, click "REGISTER" on the asset page, Select the account to be registered, fill in the name to be registered, registration of an account will cost 5HX, the first registration, because there is no HX, need to select "Use acceptance", select one currency, the system will automatically select the cheapest handling fee acceptance;

Mining Register

Click "OK",enter the wallet password.You will see screen as below.

Mining Register

Import Account

Click "IMPORT" to import an account on asset page and enter account name and private key(or select a private key file),then click "Import",Everytime a new account is imported, the wallet will rescan the blockchain data. After that the transactions of the account will be shown.

Import Account Tab

Transaction Record

Click "RECORDS",you can insert an address or transaction id,then click search,also you can select "TYPE"/"TIME"/accout to filter the records. If you want to copy anyone column,click that column,then click copy.

Transaction Tab


For the currency with balance,click "transfer",enter "FromAccount","Coin","ToAddress","Amount","Fee","Memo". Then click "Send" to confirm the transaction and enter the wallet password.

Transfer Tab

Transfer Tab1

Transfer Tab2

Click "RECORD" to see the transaction just sent.

Transfer Tab3


On asset page,click "deposit" after balance,Take BTC as example. The first time you recharge BTC, the wallet will generate a recharge address of BTC and bind to your account. It will prompt you to back up the wallet again, because the previous backup did not save the private key of the bitcoin address.

NOTE: Please back up your wallet again!

Deposit Tab

Using a wallet that can transfer BTC to facilitate transaction, and each transaction will be confirmed after 4 blocks produced on BTC chain.


In asset page,click "withdraw",input "Withdraw to address","Amount",then click "ok".

Withdraw Tab


In asset page,click "allot",enter allot page, you can see the amount of BTC just deposited, input "Amount to allot",select "Deposit", then click "ok",Transfer the BTC to the corresponding HX account. If you do not want to deposit to HX chain, you can choose "Withdraw", which will be transferred to the withdrawal address.

Allot Tab


Mining Register

Only registered accounts can participate in mining, Please click “REGISTER” in the mining page

Mining Register

Click "OK",enter the wallet password.You will see screen as below.

Mining Register

Mining Mortgage

At the bottom of mining page, click "MORTGAGE",select "Miner to pledge to" and "Asset to pledge",input "Amount to pledge",then click "OK".

Mining Mortgage

Mining Mortgage

Click "MORTGAGE" will see mortgaged asset,you can "add" or "foreclose" anytime.

Mining Mortgage

Mining Income

After pledge assets to citizen, partial reward will be sent to you after blocks production. You can find details in mining page by clicking "INCOME".

Mining Mortgage

After reaching the minimum amount.Click "get income" to receive reward.

Mining Mortgage


Show detail information of all citizens on hx blockchain.

Mining citizen



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