HyperExchange Indicator Setup Guide

Last updated for v1.0.7.

HXIndicator is a graphical user interface for HyperExchange wallet. When this application launches, it automatically starts its own instance of the command line tools hx_node and hx_client in the background.

!!! info "Blockchain Download"

HXIndicator needs to download a full copy of the HyperExchange blockchain before it can be used. This means that maybe a large download must be completed and a large amount of storage space must be be available on the PC where Hyperexchange is intalled.

Reserve enough disk space please.

Download and Install

The latest version of HXIndicator can be downloaded from official websitehttp://www.hx.cash/.


  1. Download the Windows installer HXIndicator.exe.

  2. Double click the installer and follow the instructions. This will install and automatically start up hx_node to download the HyperExchange blockchain and set up your wallet.

  3. Please adds a shortcut to HyperExchange on your desktop to make it for easier to find next time.


  1. Download the HXIndicator.dmg file.

  2. Double click the HXIndicator.dmg file .

  3. Drag the HXIndicator into the link to your Applications folder within the disk image.


Not support now.

Open and Set Up HXIndicator on Windows/MAC OS

Opening HXIndicator for the first time will display the following screen:

HXIndicator open screen

!!! info "The default path is:%AppData%\HXIndicator_1.1.0\chaindata,you can select a path that you want to store the chaindata,make sure that path has enough disk space."

Then click Next.

Select CreateWallet(If you are using a previously backed wallet file, select ImportWallet).

HXIndicator create wallet screen

If you select ImportWallet,select a wallet.json file from your local path,after loading,input the password of this wallet,will display as below:

HXIndicator import wallet screen

Then click Next,after LOADING...,Please setup the password.

HXIndicator set password screen

Then click New Wallet,will display the main interface.

HXIndicator main interface screen

In the lower right corner of the interface,show the connection number and blcok number.

HXIndicator connection status screen

In the lower left corner of the interface,after click ...,list Setting/Lock/Console/Help

  • Setting:set language and other parameter:

HXIndicator setting screen

  • Setting:Change password, View the default data path and configuration file path:

HXIndicator setting screen

  • Setting:Account "delete"/"export","Backup wallet":

HXIndicator setting screen

  • Lock:after click lock,the wallet will change to lock status:

HXIndicator setting screen

  • Console:you can excute some commands here,such as,excute command help will show all commands that you can call:

HXIndicator setting screen

  • Help:include About Us/Update, You can see if it's the latest version and automatically upgrade:

HXIndicator setting screen


HXIndicator will not start!

HXIndicator closed due to an error. Check HXIndicator logs
and contact support if the issue persists.

Where does HyperExchange store data/write log files?

HyperExchange stores the blockchain, your wallet, log files and its own configuration files all in a single directory. A different directory is used depending on the operating system:

OS HyperExchange data directory
Windows %appdata%\HXIndicator_1.1.0\chaindata
macOS ~\Library\Application Support\HXIndicator_1.1.0\chaindata/
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