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IDE Using

We will introduce how to use HX IDE in this page.

Download HX IDE

You can visit official website to download HX IDE,now just support for Win7 above platform. Select the 64-bit and 32-bit versions of your system to download.

Start IDE

Once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll get a zip file, unpack it into any directory on your computer, and then open the directory with an AnyChain.exe file inside.double-click on the file to launch your HX IDE.

Start IDE

First start IDE need to setup a store path:

Start IDE

Main Window

Start IDE

Menu Bar Description:

1.In File menu, include

  • New File :create new uvlua/java/c#/kotlin contract file.

  • Import File :import local uvlua/java/c#/kotlin contract file.

  • Save/Save All/Close/Close All :save opened file/save all opened files/close opened file/close all opened file.

  • Configure :change language/theme/chaintype/startchain.

Start IDE

2.In Edit menu, include Redo and Undo.

3.In Contract menu, include Register Contract/UpgradeCcontract/CallContract.

4.In Debug menu, include Compile/Debug/Step/Stop/TabBreak/CleanBreak.

5.In Tool menu include:

  • Console :you can excute rpc command here.

  • AccountManager :you can create a new account or import an account.

  • Transfer :you can send a transfer transaction.

6.In Help menu include:

  • Help F1: Jump to the web site of the contract programming document.

  • About: about us.