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HX-Indicator Usage Q/A

Q:HX-Indicator how to upgrade

A:At left bottom, click “Help” -> “software update”, click to check the update, if there is a new version of the release, it will be automatically downloaded, click the update immediately, then automatically restart the wallet, the wallet interface will be displayed after success.

Q:When upgrading, click update now and keep reminding that the wallet is closing or loading

A:If the wait time is long, open the task manager and end the processhx_node.exe/hx_cli.exe/HXIndicator.exe, Download the latest version from the official website, locate the HXIndicator.exe file and double-click it. After success, you will be prompted to enter your wallet password.

Q:When starting HXIndicator.exe, if shows loading a long time or prompt failed to start hx_node.exe

A:If loading is still displayed, open the task manager, end the process hx_node.exe, hx_cli.exe, HXIndicator.exe, find the data path of hx, move the blockchain folder to the recycle bin, and do not delete other files.

Q:The prompt block cannot be synchronized

A:Click the time in the lower right corner of the computer, find the Internet time -> change Settings -> immediately update, re-open the HXIndicator.exe, start synchronization.

Q:How long does HC recharge arrive in the account

A:Normally, you need 8 blocks confirm to Tunnel account, and then “allot” and wait for 4 blocks confirm to go to the HX chain.

Q:Contract registration prompt failed

A:Take note that the HXIndicator.exe path cannot contain Chinese.