Asset Block Import Model

Each new asset blockchain is linked by using a plug-in mode. Ordinary nodes can choose whether to mount cross-chain plugins. Citizens and Senators are forced to mount all cross-chain plugins. Each time a new cross-chain plugin is added, the process is as follows:

  1. Citizens and Senators negotiate a downtime of the network;

  2. Citizens and Senators restart and load plugins in batches, within the agreed time;

  3. All Senators must increase their collateral deposit to a pre-defined amount;

  4. After reaching an agreed time, an initialisation operation of the new token type is executed (this process involves creating new multi-signature addresses, broadcasting to the network new parameters related to the new token implementation and deciding upon a settlement price);

  5. Conduct the blockchain update;

  6. An ordinary node may decide to mount any new cross-chain plugin they desire. (Any ordinary node can select whichever cross-chain plugin they would like to mount. This is an independent process, unaffected by the consensus mechanism)