Fee structure

  • On the HyperExchange chain, transferring assets, creating smart contracts, creating smart contract templates, call contract, depositing to contracts and withdrawing from contracts, etc. all require transaction fees.
  • Users can initiate a transaction fee order to purchase a HIOU with HX tokens.
  • When a user initiates a transaction, they may use HX or other assets to pay fees. The network will then automatically match the corresponding transaction fee for the transaction fee acceptance order.
  • Transaction fee acceptance order cannot be reversed at any time. It is required to initiate the application for withdrawal that transaction first. After a block has been generated and the transaction fee acceptance order is not matched and used by a user, the withdrawal order can then be initiated. If the transaction fee acceptance order is used with a block generation cycle, the application for withdrawal will be rejected. The user needs to re-initiate the application later.
  • Users can initiate a handling acceptance fee for pending orders and can purchase a HIOU with HX tokens, which are then used to arrange the exchange of fees when pending orders are price matched.