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Network Roles

There are four roles that exist within the HyperExchange ecosystem: Tourist, Candidate Citizen, Citizen, and Senator.


Includes all users on the HyperExchange chain and all users on other chains that interoperate with the HyperExchange network.


A Citizen is a block generator and community governor of the HyperExchange chain, responsible for validating transactions and block generation. Citizens operate as decentralised mining pools on the chain. Candidate Citizens can become Citizens by providing multiple assets to stake on the chain (HSR/HC will receive a higher weighting), assets of which can be provided by themselves or supported by other users. If a Candidate Citizen does not have sufficient assets to pledge, it will be nearly impossible for them to become a Citizen.


A Senator is an asset manager and community administrator in the HyperExchange ecosystem. By consensus, a Senator is responsible for managing assets on hot and cold multi- signature addresses on different chains and for cross-chain interconnection. The total number of Senator is fixed to 15, which can be replaced and cannot be increased or decreased, divided into 5 safe Senator and 10 campaign Senator, safe Senator is determined only by the votes of these 5 Senator, and the campaign Senator is determined by the votes of Citizen.