Blockchain Multi Tunnel (BMT) Protocol

HyperExchange will be the first system to achieve network interoperability using a Blockchain Multi Tunnel (BMT) protocol, HyperExchange Axis, Indicator, smart contracts and other blockchain innovations. HyperExchange lays the foundation for building cross-chain distributed commercial applications in its ecosystem.

The Blockchain Multi-Tunnel Protocol is the communication protocol used in the HyperExchange network. This protocol ensures point-to-point information transmission between blockchains.

When a user creates a HyperExchange account, simultaneously a corresponding tunnel account is generated and linked to the HyperExchange account according to this protocol. When a cross-chain transaction occurs, corresponding data is encapsulated, packaged, and securely transferred through this protocol.

Tunnel accounts generated by the Protocol help the network identify and confirm unique correspondence for the transferred assets. This Protocol only recognizes assets of cross-chain transactions linked to a tunnel account, and uses this information to reach consensus resulting in the issuance or destroying of HIOU asset tokens.