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Decentralized Governance

Parliamentary system on the chain.

Cross Chain

Connect cross-chain assets together.

Smart Contract

Full functioned smart contract engine with multi-language support.


What is HyperExchange?

HyperExchange is designed to help the HCASH ecosystem achieve value through connecting blockchains together. Through injecting resources into its ecosystem from its developers and integrating resources from other chains, HyperExchange is able to build an 'interlinked, bifocal' dual-token and dual-chain ecosystem with HyperCash (HC) acting as the HCASH main chain, and the HyperExchange (HX) focusing on expanding the HCASH ecosystem. HyperExchange will enable accessibility among blockchain and non-blockchain networks, and will provide HC holders with benefits such as an increased weight of mining and more administrative decision-making power within the network. Besides cross-chain functionality, HyperExchange will have Turing Complete smart contract [5] functionality. In a cross-chain application scenario, the underlying blockchain virtual machine, and the SDK and RPC support multiple development languages, providing required flexibility configuration and the ability to exchange multiple assets.

Together, HC and HX will help HCASH build an interlinked, bifocal, dual-chain ecosystem that is highly secure, private and interconnected.

What is HIOU

All the cross-chain assets will correspond to the assets on the HX chain after being deposited to the HX chain.We call that HIOU.On the HX chain, all transactions are done using HIOU and HX.

What is FeeAcceptance

On the HX chain, almost all of the handling fees are charged with HX tokens.In this way, users who recharge across the chain need to obtain HX through some channels, which will be very inconvenient to use.

Therefore, on the HX chain, we support the fee acceptance form, which is essentially an asset exchange form, except to uniformly convert HX from other currencies, and these HX are only used to pay the fee.Anyone can put up such an acceptance, and the user who wants to use it chooses the best price.

In this case, for example, if A user wants to transfer HXBTC, and he does not have HX, he can choose an acceptance form that supports HXBTC to pay the fee.During the transfer process, A user will pay an additional part of HXBTC to pay the handling fee.And the user who issued the acceptance sheet consumed HX and got HXBTC

What is a HyperCash chain?

As one of its dual chains, HyperCash functions as an upgraded Hshare chain, focusing on non-interoperable blockchain features, such as advanced post-quantum and Zero Knowledge Proof technologies. This document aims to introduce HyperExchange. All subsequent information relating to HyperCash can be found in the HCASH technical official website.

What is the Cross-chain?

HyperExchange will be the first system to achieve network interoperability using a Blockchain Multi Tunnel (BMT) protocol, HyperExchange Axis, Indicator, smart contracts and other blockchain innovations. HyperExchange lays the foundation for building cross-chain distributed commercial applications in its ecosystem.